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A fuel pump is made up of many different parts, with the fuel tank making the most critical and noticeable ones. The tank can be found most of the time placed opposite to the end where the engine is placed. What is the function of the fuel pump? Its main job is to draw fuel from the tank so as to send it to the engine. There are two types of fuel pumps, the mechanical and the electronic one. The former is for carburetor-based cars and the second one for cars with an electronic fuel injection system the modern ones.

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Fuel Pumps

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Our high quality premium Fuel Pump Module Assemblies have been manufactured to enable a quick and easy installation. Our Fuel Pump Module Assemblies provide your vehicle with quick engine starts and outstanding fuel-delivery performance. All replacement Fuel Pump Module Assemblies are manufactured and distributed by Prime Choice Auto Parts and are guaranteed to fit your specific Make/Model/Year.
(Please verify fitment notes when ordering).

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