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Learn The Basics Of Fuel Pumps

Many people know that a car requires gasoline to run, but what many people don’t know is how that gas is used. IN your engine, gas is mixed with air and then ignited, which creates an explosion that is harnessed to drive the car forward. This requires the use of multiple systems, including the gas tank, the fuel pump, the spark plugs, and the fuel injection system. 

Fuel PumpToday, we see two different kinds of fuel pumps available. Older generation cars featured what is known as a carburetor. The carburetor was what mixed fuel with air in order to provide the perfect mixture ratio (14 parts air to 1 part fuel). In this system, a fuel pump would be located near the carburetor somewhere close to the engine. When the pump is active, it would suck fuel from the gas tank via gas lines and deliver it to the carburetor. This system wasn’t perfect, as any leaks in the gas line would suck in air, causing the system to operate incorrectly or not at all. In carbureted engines, a mechanical fuel pump was used. This means that the fuel pump was operated by belts and gears. Carbureted engines, with their unreliability and low fuel economy, where eventually replaced with fuel injected engines. 

After carburetors fell out of favour with the general public, fuel injection took over. A fuel injection engine works by injecting the fuel right into the engine cylinders, rather than using a carburetor. Fuel injection is more reliable than carburation, and provides increased fuel economy and performance at higher speeds. The same air to fuel ratio is achieved in part by the Oxygen Sensor, which relays information from the vehicle’s exhaust to the ECU, which tells the injection system to either increase or decrease the amount of gasoline being injected in the engine.

In a fuel injection system, the fuel pump is electronic. This means that the pump is powered by the cars alternator. Perhaps the most different aspect of this type of fuel pump is that fact that electronic fuel pumps are located within the gas tank itself, submersed in gasoline.  This fact can startle many who learn it, but it’s actually due to safety that the pump is located where it is. Liquid gasoline doesn’t combust only when mixed with air does gasoline burn or combust. This means that the gasoline acts as a coolant to the pump. In a fuel injected system, the fuel pump pushes the fuel from the tank to the injectors, rather than pulling it like in a carbureted system. This means that should the line have a leak, air won’t be drawn into the system, and pinpointing the leak is made easier.

Replacing a fuel pump is often as easy as removing the old and replacing the new. With any electronic part, it’s important to remember to disconnect the battery before engaging in any serious service. For fuel pumps guranteed to offer fast replacements and a long service life, shop with fuelpumpmodule.com today!



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